Dark Energy (ft. Jenny Katz)

by Governing Dynamics

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Game: Half-Life 2

The first 17 seconds is entirely sound effects from the game:
-Some ambient sound that is reused later
-player footsteps on a “dirt” surface
-A mortar
-The voice of the “Hazardous Environment Suit” that helpfully tells you when you have sustained injury, in case you didn’t notice

The spoken word is dialogue from the characters of GMan and Dr. Wallace Breen.

All non-keyboard percussion in the song is also from the game.
-The “bass drum” is the main character’s heartbeat
-The “closed high hat” is the sound effect that plays when your try to fire an empty pistol
-The “snare” is the sound of a crossbow bolt hitting a metal surface
- the “floor tom” is the sound that the assault rifle makes when the grenade launcher attachment is used
-The “stomp” during the chorus is appropriately enough, the sound of footsteps on metal surfaces
-The weird drone thing during the chorus is the sound the gravity gun (or Zero Point Energy Manipulator, if you’re nasty) makes when carrying an object.


<GMan: Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise, and… shine.
The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.>

Did I fall asleep
Dreaming in my private train
When the revolution came
Swimming with the currents I can’t see...

Mechanical voices over the the air
Like the world I knew I lost somewhere
I can still see the shapes but I don’t want to stare
Can’t escape the terrible feeling
Unseen puppeteer’s got their strings on me

Dark Energy is animating us
Manipulating us to satisfy it’s needs
More hands to sow the seeds

<Dr. Breen: I find it helpful at times like these to remind myself that our true enemy is.. Instinct.
Instinct coddled us, kept us safe in those hardscrabble years. But inseparable from instinct is its dark twin, superstition. Instinct would inflict a fatal injury on our species. Instinct tells us that the unknown is a threat, rather than an opportunity. Instinct creates its own oppressors, and bids us rise up against them. Instinct, therefore, must be expunged, and like a cornered beast, it will not go down without a bloody fight. We should thank our benefactors from giving us respite from this overpowering force.>

Dark Energy is animating us
Manipulating us to satisfy it’s needs
Dark Energy’s disintegrating us…

<GMan: All the effort in the world would have gone to waste, until… well, lets just say your hour has come again. So, wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up, and smell the ashes.>


released July 30, 2016
Travis Norris - vocals, programming
Jenny Katz - vocals




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Governing Dynamics Kansas City, Missouri

Governing Dynamics is an alternative rock band captained by guitarist and singer-songwriter Travis Norris. The band regularly takes part in Spintunes (spintown.bandcamp.com) and has attracted literally dozens of international fans via layered guitars, immaculate solos, and thoughtful lyrics.

From KCMO through a series of tubes to you.
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