by Governing Dynamics

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THIS IS NOT REMOTELY FINISHED. putting it on bandcamp for intiial opinions and also, yes, for convenience of streaming it while I'm in the editing/recording/re-writing/rage-quitting phase. :p


I was a fighter
In search of a riot
Flicking the lighter
Not sure how to buy in
Not sure how to begin

I tried to be kinder
Tried to silence the violence
To see "both the sides"
But there's right and there's wrong
And there's wool over eyes

And oh we live in such a world
The artists are arming themselves for war

And so we are poking at something sore
Our maladies we've tried so hard to ignore

And we try to let love win
And hope that won't leave us with nothing
and we try to let love win

Did you think that I disappeared
did you think that I would
Leave a clear conscience for you

It's coming out worse than you feared
Suddenly everything isn't
happening somewhere else
You're still surpised
You're still the best liar you know

You won’t eclipse me
And if you try
It’s just a matter of time
And natural movement
Of the universe

So we hope, so we hope
Only hope survives





Governing Dynamics Kansas City, Missouri

Governing Dynamics is an alternative rock band captained by guitarist and singer-songwriter Travis Norris. The band regularly takes part in Spintunes (spintown.bandcamp.com) and has attracted literally dozens of international fans via layered guitars, immaculate solos, and thoughtful lyrics.

From KCMO through a series of tubes to you.
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