by Governing Dynamics

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Somewhere there's a color that I won't forget
I can't recall it now but it's stuck nonetheless
Cheap telephone tones, echo blue and red

Footsteps grey against the the dormitory walls
Starlight songs write out the contents of the calls
Wires crossed, blindly slipping down the stairs
If nobody knows I don't suppose they could care

I can't get enough air
Engine noise is motor oil brown
Yellow lines behind
I don't dare slow down
Welling up in my rear view mirror
Countless miles of ocean blue tears

Your laughter was lightning the struck me deaf
Now I've got a lot more road but you've run out of breath
Cell phone's sickly light tastes like a shot of fear

I know it's okay to be late
But I wasn't there at all
I know it's wrong to drink so deep
When I don't know, don't know what'll catch me when I fall
Take a tiny pill to quiet down the fight
Now there's no sound in the colors
But I only dream, dream in black and white


released July 21, 2013
Travis Norris - vocals and guitar




Governing Dynamics Kansas City, Missouri

Governing Dynamics is an alternative rock band captained by guitarist and singer-songwriter Travis Norris. The band regularly takes part in Spintunes ( and has attracted literally dozens of international fans via layered guitars, immaculate solos, and thoughtful lyrics.

From KCMO through a series of tubes to you.
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