Leave It At That

by Governing Dynamics

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I was standin' under a streetlamp
I was starin' at the moon
Feelin' full of the weakness that steals the
Words I try to say to you
I was countin' on my courage
To come roarin' above the din
Of a thousand shattered moments
Once again I lead with my chin

I was not the man you deserve
I serve no one with these games
I took a shot
But I ain't known for my aim

Someday this gambler's gonna take the house
When I finally lay the cards out flat
Until I'm emboldened
To start bettin' stop foldin'
I guess I'll just leave it at that

I'm the trickster of this village
I'm the truth's bell ringer
The harder you try to hold on
The slicker I slip through your fingers

I can shape these scars into myths
Drown my darlings in a flood
I long ago vowed
No one is gonna taste this blood

I once was a man
Who couldn't understand
How many lions were born as rats
It's grift and deception
But it's good to be a legend
I guess I'll just leave it at that

Someday I'll die
And the public eye
Will find someone new to stare at
Honesty might be rewarding
But it sounds kind of boring
I guess I'll just leave it at that
I guess I'll just leave it at that


released December 2, 2018




Governing Dynamics Kansas City, Missouri

Governing Dynamics is an alternative rock band captained by guitarist and singer-songwriter Travis Norris. The band regularly takes part in Spintunes (spintown.bandcamp.com) and has attracted literally dozens of international fans via layered guitars, immaculate solos, and thoughtful lyrics.

From KCMO through a series of tubes to you.
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