Girl Is A Ghost

by Governing Dynamics

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Yes, a Literal Ghost.


I don't recall the sidewalk
The moonlight, the autumn
The leaves on the ground where I first heard your voice
I certainly do not recall
Your eyes empty and pale

I didn't stumble through small talk
Your hands locked in mine
the illusion of mutual choice
When all of it, just for a moment
Was feeling worthwhile

I surely remember you dying
Where else would you be if you stopped trying

Girl is a ghost
almost had her hands around my heart
I fall harder than most
We were so close but so far apart

I don't remember your neck
Or you falling tears
Or questions I answered you asked in the dark
I couldn't hear signals
That rang out loud and clear

I didn't overstep
Or over commit
Or try to twist gold
From a thread of emptiness
I've got nothing to learn
So much to be sorry for

It wasn't the ending that I would have chosen
But I cannot bleed but be abandoned and frozen

Girl is a ghost
And I miss her cold hands piercing my heart
If I'm tougher than most
Why am I taking myself apart
Girl is a ghost
And I miss the echoes of her songs
The pieces she carved away
Can only keep killing me for so long

I didn't regret coming in from the dark
Left your silhouette by a bench in the park
I can't remember when I could last breathe
I'm not starting to hate how I love you the most when you leave

girl is a ghost
she's got her cold, cold claws in my heart
girl is a ghost
and she's taking me apart
taking me

Cause and effect that I can't determine
My muscles are waking from beneath this burden
You won't let me sleep but you know I don't tire
I'll just step outside and into the fire


released July 15, 2014




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Governing Dynamics Kansas City, Missouri

Governing Dynamics is an alternative rock band captained by guitarist and singer-songwriter Travis Norris. The band regularly takes part in Spintunes ( and has attracted literally dozens of international fans via layered guitars, immaculate solos, and thoughtful lyrics.

From KCMO through a series of tubes to you.
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